Missouri landscape ozarks

Missouri landscape ozarks

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Missouri landscape ozarks are being sold for $8 to $12 million a year for farming. What happens when agriculture and conservation converge?

It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning in the Ozark foothills of northern Missouri and the sky is clear. There’s no breeze and the air is perfectly still. The sun is high in the summer sky and it’s already hot, but it’s cool enough to feel the water of the little creek that runs past my home as I hike up to my hilltop cabin. I look out over the farm landscape of wide, gently rolling hills, dotted with cows and corn, with a few scattered white oaks and maples. A few miles to the west, I can see a big city, but I’m a little out of its range. It’s rural Americana.

My family has lived on this land for as long as I can remember. My parents purchased this place back in the early 1980s, and since then the land has been farmed year-round. My father, Jerry, took over the farm when he retired in the late ‘80s and started growing blueberries to sell in the nearby town, but now our farm is devoted solely to growing organic soybeans, cotton, and corn. As I look out over the hillside, I’m remembering the times I was allowed to ride my bike and explore the woods behind our house. My father, an avid hunter, taught me the proper way to shoot a gun. His love of nature never faded and I was blessed to share those passions with him.

This farm is only one of about 50,000 privately owned farms across Missouri, but we’re hardly typical. We have an organic certification and our farm is owned and operated by family members. We receive no subsidies and we don’t grow commodities. There are many benefits to doing things this way: we operate according to the principles of local agriculture, we have full transparency in the food we sell, and our customers have the option to buy in-season, fresh produce at great prices. We’re also one of the few farmers who provides organic certification and inspection.

As the old saying goes, “the most reliable source of truth is the people in the area.” Since it’s harvest season, it’s time to gather the harvest and bring the seasons’ supply to your table. Our summer crops are ready now, while our fall crops are being harvested now. When buying from local farms, you can expect:

Gourmet foods that taste great and are produced without using toxic chemicals and the harmful effects of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides

Fresh food and products free of antibiotics and hormones

Food that’s produced without the use of genetically modified seed

Food that doesn’t compromise the health of our food system and environment

Produce that’s grown locally on a family farm

The time is now to take advantage of the bounty that’s on your local farm. This is a great time of year to get in touch with your local farmers so you can be sure to enjoy your harvest fresh!

Here’s a summary of what you can find at the farms of our family:

Strawberry Hill Organic Farm

Strawberry Hill Organic Farm is proud to provide you with the high-quality, fresh fruit and vegetables you need to create delicious, healthy food for your family and to build a prosperous future for all.



We are always looking for the best farmers markets for you and your family to enjoy local, seasonal produce and share in the success of our local farms and family farms! Please take the time to email me at [email protected] or call me at 636-634-3030.

I will help you find the best farmers market options and connect you to local farmers and producers to create a fun, fresh local diet for you and your family.

Strawberry Hill Organic Farm was established in 1991 in the town of Pembroke, Ontario. We grow organic strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in our own small family farm. Our berries are grown in a natural system, rather than in a greenhouse or artificial growing environment.

We use 100% certified organic practices, from cultivating the soil to harvesting and processing the berries. We grow our berries in rotation to create an enriched and balanced soil that supports healthy plants.

We use our own natural fertilizers, and only use the best-quality inputs that enrich the soil and support the growing plants. We use no antibiotics, hormones, or chemicals to grow our organic crops. We work with local farmers and producers to ensure that the products we use have a natural, wholesome, and fresh taste.

Our farm stands are located in the towns of Pembroke and Warkworth, where the organic produce can be purchased directly from the farm, or shipped across Canada.Våra jordgubbar finns på våren och bären på sommaren. Vi har även hallon och blåbär tillgängliga under hela säsongen. Gårdens monterplatser finns nedan.

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